Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Get Some Rest

Hello friends -

I am on my way to Los Angeles to begin my new job and arrived in San Diego with my family a few nights ago for a week of R&R. The 22 hours in the car with my family was not bad (!) and we arrived safe and sound. The kids were great and I enjoyed the time listening to the radio (I love the Starbucks channel on XM!), talking to my wife, and enjoying the beauty of the desert southwest between Austin and San Diego. And the temperature never got above 117 - very nice.

Twenty two hours gave me plenty of time - to think. I started a few businesses, wrote a few new articles, set some new goals, and mapped out the future - all in my head. I thought about the challenges awaiting me in my new job and wrote my introductory speech to my new teammates in LA. There is something about feeling the road and listening to music that seems to energize my brain and unleash the creative juices!

The beach does the same thing for me. I have gotten up early every morning here in San Diego and felt the same sort of exhiliration. Mentally, spiritually, physically - I feel like I am ready to take on the world!

So what is it for you? How do you get re-energized? What does it take for you to become future focused, to unleash your creative juices? How do you recharge your batteries so that you are ready to take on the challenges of leadership?

I have always felt that leaders must be rested and ready to take on the issues before them. The higher one goes up the leadership ranks, the more leaders are valued as thinkers - not necessarily doers. If you are exausted and cannot see over the horizon, or if you are too busy doing and not thinking...then you and your team may be headed for trouble. Because if you are not looking ahead, anticipating problems, being creative - then who is?

Leaders must take the time to rest. They must daily invest in those activities that refresh the body, mind, and soul and have them ready to take on the day. And they must regularly find the time to step aside and to "reboot" all three. Don't feel guilty about it. Know that this is what your team needs from you - a leader with a clear head, ready to take on the world!

From the beach in San Diego (at 6:56 a.m.) - I wish you rest...and a happy July 4th! Hooah!

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