Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cheaters and Leaders

I just finished watching Sunday night football. The New England Patriots just put a "beat down" on the San Diego Chargers, 38-14. But the big story wasn't what happened between the lines but outside them during the Patriots' last game against the Jets. It seems that they were knowingly violating the rules by videotaping sideline signals, thereby gaining an unfair competitive advantage.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick had long been one of my favorites. He has consistently fielded a winner using role players. His emphasis on TEAM was the best in the league. They have Super Bowl rings that are evidence of their excellence.

Or are they? The fact is that everything is now tainted. That may not be fair to the great players that have suited up for the Pats is, no doubt, how many of us will now view the coach and their past success. The legacy of Coach Belichick is now one of cheating, not winning.

A "Win at all costs" mentality is no way to lead. Our legacy should be one of honesty, integrity, character, and excellence. Excellence is gained by those who win without compromise! At the end of the game, they can walk off the field knowing that they played by the rules, that they gave it all they had, and that they truly are a great TEAM! That's Leader Business.

So what do you think? Is this a big deal or...much ado about nothing? Do you think that this taints the Patriots' on field success? I welcome your feedback. Hooah!

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