Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Vision of a Child

A small child sat at her desk, diligently completing her assignment to draw a picture for the class. Her teacher saw how hard she was working and the attention to detail that would no doubt be on display in the final work. The child's excitement was pouring out onto her paper with each stroke of the colored pencils.

When the teacher could wait no longer, she asked the child what she was drawing. "I'm drawing a picture of God," the child answered. "Well, no one knows what God looks like," the teacher responded. The child hesitated for a moment, and then gave this jaw-dropping explanation: "Oh...that's okay. They will know what He looks like when I am done!"

OK...what about you? Do you have a vision so clear that you can't wait to put it on paper? Can you see it with HD-like clarity? And are you ready to share that vision with others, despite the doubters?

In business and in the military (as in coloring), leaders must have the vision of this small child. They must be able to see the picture taking shape in their "mind's eye." They must be able to articulate the big picture, to energize others with a shared passion for completing the picture. And they must not be afraid to take on the big challenges, to go where others before them have not.

Keep coloring, my friends! And when you are ready, put your pencils down and start sharing your picture with others! That's Leader Business.

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