Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fun at Work


I am a huge believer in the need for leaders to create the type of work environment that inspires people. We have to constantly be looking for ways to create the conditions that make people jump out of bed with the passion and desire to be a part of something meaningful...and fun.

That's right...I said it. Fun. Even in the government it is possible! I want my teammates to know that their leader is willing to invest in them and, if required, to humble himself to help lighten things up. Work is hard. But if we can make it less like work...then I think people will do anything to accomplish the mission.

If that requires that I dress up for Halloween at work (yes...that is me with the blonde locks!) be it. If I can do short videos for viewing on the organizational intranet that poke fun at myself or joke with others...then let's do it. Let's loosen up a little bit, get to know each other, and become more of a family. Let's allow our customers to see that we are human, personal, energetic people...not starchy government types.

And know that I am not the only one who feels this way. I had the chance to meet and dine with Southwest Airline founder and Chairman, Mr. Herb Kelleher. He totally embraces this concept (check out his Halloween attire!). If you've flown on SWA, you know that this energy has infused his entire team. It started with Herb. It starts...with leadership.

Who says it has to be work! Let's enjoy what we do. This is Leader Business.


Steve Harper said...

Dude....I thought you looked like that every day!

Great post as always.

Ripple On!!!


Tom Magness said...

I wish, Steve...I wish. I think I liked the hair a little too much! But you know the deal. If we aren't publicly humiliating ourselves at least once a day...we aren't trying! Hooah!