Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday Leadership


What does the holiday season mean to you? Is it a reason to stress over gifts, travel, political correctness, and debt? Or is it a time to celebrate family, friends, and the reason for the season? Do you put your leadership on hold (and focus inward) or do you continue to make a difference for others?

I hope you choose the latter! Take a minute and relax. Enjoy each other. Give with passion. Receive with a child's excitement. Get some rest. Eat too much. Catch up on movies and football. Play a game with family. Laugh. Help those in need. Read the Christmas Story to your family.

Since my organization is spread over four states and with project offices distributed throughout, I spent last week making the rounds of as many parties as I could. We hosted two parties here at my house. Lots of egg nogg, tons of great food, and so much holiday cheer. But I think my teammates affirmed the fact that I do party (within reason!), I do like to have fun, I love to give and receive gifts (I love the White Elephant gift exchanges!), and I care for each of them and their families. Even in a billion dollar public company, I think these little things help improve teamwork and morale...and who knows what they mean for creating the sort of environment that helps people work as hard as they do the rest of the year. Great stuff.

I hope this post finds you of good cheer. Thanks for what each of you contributes to the business of leaders. More importantly, thank you for your friendship - either in reality or even just virtually. Enjoy this holiday season. Pray for our troops and their families. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each of you. Hooah!

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