Monday, March 10, 2008

Death by Staff Meeting

If you are like me, you are tired of staff meetings. People sit around, lost in their own thoughts, waiting for their time to speak. They perk up, say their thing, then return to their own world for the rest of the meeting. No one is listening to anyone else. Only the boss is paying any attention, and he probably already knows most of what is being presented.

What they heck are we doing? Where does it say that we have to have these meetings? If they don't add value, I have two simple words for you...KILL THEM! Stop having them and see if anyone notices. And if the world doesn't end, you may be okay.

Now I'm not suggesting that we kill all meetings. I am a big fan of the Morning Huddle and Battlefield Update Briefs (more on this coming soon). But it is these weekly staff meetings that we continue to hold -- because we've always held them -- that need to die. Pull the plug, eliminate the staff meetings!

There is another way to get this information. Stay connected. Meet face-to-face. Communicate. Let your team know that information normally saved for the staff meeting should be shared as a matter of routine -- not held to look good during the weekly session. Circulate your battlefield and get the information you need to make decisions.

Replace Death by Staff Meetings with...Death to Staff Meetings! That's Leader Business.

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