Saturday, March 29, 2008

First Impressions

On a recent trip to Arizona, I saw this sign on the receptionist's desk. Meet Cassie, the "Director of First Impressions." This title not only speaks to the power of first impressions and how important it is that everyone on our team understands that they are always being observed. It also demonstrates the importance that every member of the team has in the execution of our respective missions. Everyone counts...from the CEO to the receptionist. Everyone is responsible for bringing in -- and keeping -- the business.

And when people are empowered to act in accordance with the importance of this responsibility...there is no stopping your organization.

So who is your "Director of First Impressions?" Is it you?

That's Leader Business!


Steve Roesler said...


This is one of those super-timely posts.

I was just in a NYC HQ this week and walked through the doors to the receptionists (two different ones at two different times):

1. No smile
2. No energy (slumped over computer doing some surfing--I know 'cause I looked :-)
3. Totally disinterested in why I was there (had a meeting with the CEO)

Having done business with him for some time, I mentioned the impression that I got entering the "executive" area.

I'm guessing that something will change. . .

Tom Magness said...

My guess is also that something will change. Either they will improve their first impression -- or you will go somewhere else with your business!

We see this sort of stuff everywhere, don't we? Taxi cab drivers that could care less what their back seat looks (or smells like)! Speakers who take their audiences for granted and lose us in the first two minutes of their speech. Designers who don't understand the importance of the front office! First impressions are everything!

Maybe WalMart is onto something with their Greeters!


Anonymous said...

Great post - I am inspired by it and will be asking my staff for their input.