Friday, March 21, 2008

Our Calendars Don't Lie

Calendars don't lie. They tell us in a snapshot what our top priorities are. We can say that something else is important to us. But if we look at our calendars...and don't see any time and energy against those top priorities...well, I'm not sure they are truly priorities.

I try to review this issue regularly with my secretary and executive staff. I ask these questions:

-- What are my priorities and where are they reflected on my calendar?
-- Am I focused on what is important...or sidetracked by something else?
-- Are we aligning our time, energy, resources, and leadership against those things that truly enable the success of our team?

So what is important to you?

-- People? Where have you allocated time for counseling, leader development, hiring, or recruiting?
-- Communication? Where is your investment in time to listen to subordinates...or to let them know what is happening across the organization?
-- Execution? What are your top money-makers...and does your calendar validate this?

This is the secret to time management and effective strategic leadership: Determine what is important...and put first things first. Check out how you are using your time and ensure you are focused like a laser beam on what really matters. Our calendars don't lie! That's Leader Business.

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