Thursday, April 3, 2008


What sort of discipline is required in a unit capable of orchestrating this sort of event? (Note: Click on the image to really understand what it might have taken to align 18,000 men to create this image).

What sort of personal discipline was necessary to stand still long enough to make this happen?

What sort of organizational discipline is necessary for this sort of teamwork?

Cheers to Lady Liberty. Kudos to "Colonel Rush S. Wells" for directing this event. Thanks to Mole and Thomas for capturing this picture. Thanks for the men who stood still for what had to be hours to create this image.

What a great picture. Some leader had to envision this (disciplined thought) and know what it would take to make this happen (disciplined action).

What do you think when you see this picture. I think of discipline. And I am humbled!

That's Leader Business.


Anonymous said...


Great post.

The picture is amazing. I doubted the 18,000 men statement at first but then I realised that to maintain the perspective, you need more men across the width.

Do you know when it was taken?

Tom Magness said...

I'm guessing around WWI -- based on the uniforms. But I will freely admit, I did not take the picture! The detail is incredible. Look at Lady Liberty's hands and fingers. Such vision by the orchestrator!

I know how Soldiers are. Getting 18,000 men to stand still (surely someone had to go to the bathroom!) for this long is certainly a sign of a disciplined unit. Hooah!