Saturday, June 21, 2008

Leader Business Update


I just went over the one year mark with this blog. It's not exactly the most popular address on the web and I have not become any kind of leadership guru...but I am enjoying the conversation.

A special thanks to my friend Steve Harper (aka The Ripple Man) for introducing me to this format and to all of you who either value my opinion or like watching the trainwreck that is my leadership philosophy! I appreciate the opportunity to learn from some of your comments and emails and know that I improve my leadership with each new post.

In this first year, my most popular topics were learning from failure, mission execution, and morning huddles. It certainly tells me that the issues that I write about and that I am working on in my own profession resonate with others -- around the world. It also affirms my belief that military leadership lessons are applicable in many other settings.

Please pass along this address to your friends. We learn from each other and the more readers for Leader Business -- the better. If you haven't already done so, sign up for LB as an email or RSS Feed.

Most importantly, thanks to you who stop by these pages. I am humbled by those who share in my belief that leadership is a work in progress. Some write about it...others read about it. Together in our application of these lessons, we are sharpening each other. I'm looking forward to what another year of Leader Business will bring. Hooah!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Tom,

As a former drill sergeant and someone who posts more than he comments (my weakness), I want to assure you that the leadership lessons from the military offer online direction to those seeking a different and proven viewpoint.

Keep writing!

Totally Consumed said...

One year eh? Nicely done. Your posts are thoughtful, articulate and inspiring. "Quality over quantity" - every-time. Keep up the good work!

Steve Harper said...


Thank you so much for the shout out. Your friendship and your words of inspiration mean so much to me! I am just so glad we found time to have that beer before you left Austin!

Congratulations on your 1 Year BLOGGER anniversary! Very, very cool!

Ripple On!!!


Dan Naden said...


Fine job. Congratulations on the one-year anniversary. I enjoy each and every post.

May you have many more years of blogging success.

Dan Naden

Tom Magness said...

Steve --

Thanks for your comments. I knew there was something about your site (All Things Workplace) that I liked! Now I know. No one knows leadership like a former drill sergeant! Hooah!

Tom Magness said...

Thanks TC. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks for what you do over at your great HR site, Totally Consumed. You remind us all that leadership is all about -- people! Hooah!

Tom Magness said...

Steve (aka Ripple Dude),
Your kindness has always been humbling. Thanks for the beer. I'm getting the next round! Thanks for helping me find my voice. Hooah! TM

Tom Magness said...

Thanks for the feedback, Dan. I am so glad I discovered your website (Great Leadership). I have found the posts to be full of wisdom and inspiration. Thanks for the support and for what you do for leader development. Hooah!

Eric Peterson said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I have enjoyed following and learning from your writing. Your posts are thoughtful and inspiring! I hope year 2 brings you the kind of readership you deserve!

James T. Parsons said...

Hey Tom,

I think your wisdom is very helpful - and I think the civilian world can learn a lot about leadership from the military. I also think you put the lessons in very artful and articulate fashion - so keep up the work.

I also think many good quality things take time to catch on. However, as fundraisers tell you, it is about building relationships, and I think as time goes on your posts will be known for the quality that they possess. I know that my wife often forwards your posts to her co-workers in non-profit.

Keep up the good work and THANK you for the effort this takes. I know it takes a lot!!


Tom Magness said...

Thanks for your feedback, Eric. Your site (Leadership and other Ramblings) has helped me understand this format! Thanks!

Tom Magness said...


Thanks for always picking me up. You humble me with your praise. Thanks for sharing with your wife and her friends. I appreciate your kind words...and your friendship. TM