Saturday, June 7, 2008


Many of you may have seen this commercial for "The Greatest Hitter in the World."

Is this how you view life? Are challenges and setbacks simply opportunities for doing something even better? Is each closing door the chance to look for a new one to open?

People flock to leaders who can inspire them. They want to believe in themselves...but often need a leader to believe in them first. They need to know that the glass is, in fact, half full.

Of the great leaders I have met, every one of them embraced this characteristic of optimism. They created in me a desire to be my best, to raise the bar, to strive for greatness. They were infectious and fostered this sort of passion in every member of the team. They recognized that there is a "great pitcher" in every member of the team.

Make a difference. Be an optimist. Believe in yourself and create an unquenchable fire in the lives and attitudes of those around you.

That's Leader Business.

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