Friday, August 15, 2008

It's about TEAM!

I just looked at today's baseball standings. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have the best record in all of baseball. They win at home and on the road. They lead their division by 15.5 games and are the leading contender to win the World Series.

But here's the amazing thing. There is not a single Angel in the top 10 of any individual offensive category. From top to bottom in their lineup, no one player is having an outstanding year. They are in the middle of the pack in batting, pitching, and fielding -- statistically. A couple of guys are having very good years but overall, there is nothing to get excited about in looking at their numbers.

Except one -- 75-44. The best record in Major League Baseball. You see, by themselves they are average. As a TEAM, they are amazing. Isn't it interesting what can happen when people don't care about themselves as much as they do for each other? Isn't it encouraging to watch the results of a group who thinks less about individual stats and more about TEAM goals?

Since my team is out of it already (yes, another bad year for the Orioles), I'm rooting for the Angels. I like their style. I like their attitude. I love their results.

It's about TEAM! That's Leader Business.


Steve Harper said...

My friend you have hit the nail on the head once again. Excellent post and a great reminder for all of us who either play on or lead a team.

Ripple On!!!

PRINCE RAHMAN, msole said...

Tom... my great friend, Steve Harper, forwarded this post to me.

Great stuff!
Thank you for your generosity of spirit and willingness to share your vision so that we may all learn from your experience and insight.

Keep doing what you do, being how you be!

Tom Magness said...

You hit on a good point. Whether you play on or lead a team, you have to embrace the concept of TEAM. How many times have you seen in business where the leader makes the mistake of thinking the company is all about him or her...that the team exists to make them successful. I see it all the time in the military. That is a recipe for failure. It is the leaders who believe that they exist to make the team successful, not vice versa, who ultimately reap the greatest rewards. Thanks for the note, my friend.

Tom Magness said...

Thanks for the note, Prince! I think what I usually share are things I have messed up at one point in my leadership journey! I'm always glad when someone finds something that resonates with them. I appreciate your feedback! Hooah! TM