Saturday, February 14, 2009

Virtual Connections

I thought some of you might find some value in what we are doing to communicate with our workforce. Watch the video (or at least as much as you can stomach given the sorry excuse for an interviewer) and you'll see a method we are using to keep people connected.

Among many benefits, these videos do several things for us:

-- Puts people front and center. Everyone loves to see there face (or their teammate's faces) on TV.

-- Connects people spread across 3 states and gives them an understanding of what else our organization is doing.

-- Helps connect the field with the office staff, construction with contracting, laborers with lawyers. Everyone needs to see the end product and know that their contribution, no matter how small, helped make it happen.

-- Have fun. The feedback has been very positive. The videos allow people to see their leadership in crazy situations, having a good time, being irreverent.

We try to do these videos about every two weeks. They are on our intranet home page so that people see them when they open their Internet explorer. And, as you can see, we've even begun to put some of them on YouTube so that potential employees can assess if we might be the sort of team they'd like to join.

Is it working? I think so. I get a lot of positive feedback. I try to explore different hot topics or do interviews at different projects out in the field. And in this time of distributed work, I think it is an important tool to keep people connected. These connections, this sort of communication with and among our workforce, are great fun and important leader tasks.

Virtually speaking, that makes it Leader Business!


Steve Harper said...

Have you played with any live video through Skype or using any of the built-in technology that Apple has with their desktops or laptops. I am only just beginning to play with this technology myself but can tell you I have managed to have some incredibly productive meetings with people overseas. I am truly jazzed by the potential these new "tools" offer us as - especially if we are trying to motivate, educate, train and stay in touch with those we lead.

Great post as always my friend!

Ripple On!!!

Tom Magness said...

Hey Ripple Man,

Nothing like that, although I have been following some of the live video stuff you have been doing on your Ripple blog. I do like to take full advantage of simulcast through the internet or by VTC of things (meetings, celebrations, etc.) that I do in LA so that everyone can be a part, even at the most remote locations. As you say, things like this help us stay connected with the entire team.

Keep me posted on what you learn about these new tools, my friend. TM

John Bishop said...

Col. Tom,

Thank you for sharing. I believe this video works because it is "real." If the same product were professionally produced and edited, it would be an infomercial and would not have the same teambuilding impact. Great example for others.

John Bishop

Tom Magness said...

Thanks for the feedback, my friend. I agree with you in that it is best to "keep it raw" and just let the interview flow. My media guy calls it a "one take Jake!" Just turn on the camera and let's chat! I know I have a few more resources than most people but I think the premise of keeping it simple, keeping it "real" is something anyone can do. Thanks for the comment. TM