Sunday, May 3, 2009

Leadership During Challenging Times

I spoke last week to a group of managers and division chiefs at the Orange County Leadership Academy. They are a great group of leaders. I was impressed by their commitment to growth and development and their passion for those whom they serve. I felt that as public servants we had a lot in common and I believe that my thoughts resonated well with them.

The topic was leadership during challenging times. Many of the hundred or so in the audience are going through something that is common in the military: Too few people and not enough resources and time; and WAY more mission than they can handle. In the military we would say that when you are running short on everything but are leading during a challenging time!

These were the key elements of "Leadership During Challenging Times:"

-- Leaders stop the bleeding and focus on the mission.
-- Leaders communicate and involve others in decision-making.
-- Leaders create synergy (the whole is made greater than the sum of its parts).
-- Leaders are comfortable being uncomfortable.
-- Leaders turn challenges into opportunities.

As I reminded the audience, and myself on a regular basis -- During times of difficulty, it is important for leaders to remind themselves...this is why they need us! Leadership during challenging times is...Leader Business.

Contact me if I can speak to you or your group about "Leadership During Challenging Times."

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