Sunday, June 28, 2009

LEED for Life!

Well...I did it! After months of studying (well...really two pretty intense weeks of cramming!), I took and passed my exam to become a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional. It was a lot of work and I wasn't ever totally sure I was going to pass. My hand was shaking as I clicked "Finish" and got my score. I passed!!! Sweet.

Why LEED? Here are my thoughts:

-- I like the first word -- Leadership.
-- We have to keep challenging ourselves. I enjoyed the battle! I was totally out of my element, yet appreciated the chance to push myself.
-- We never stop learning. I learned a ton about something that was completely foreign to me but increasingly relevant to all of us. So much of new construction (and all new construction in the military) is being done to new, "Green" standards. It was good to stretch. I first told you about this test in the concept of "Stretching" after watching how hard my daughter was working on her college prep work. She definitely inspired me. Right now, I'm a little tired from the workout but know I am stronger for it!
-- I like that once you are an Accredited Professional in LEED -- you are LEED for life. Like being an Airborne Ranger. They can't take it away from me! Hooah!

I have fallen behind on a lot of stuff. Time to get caught up there. But for now, I am going to take a minute and enjoy the feeling of competing...and winning!

What about you? What challenges are you taking on in you life? What new projects and big hairy goals are you striving for? That's what leaders do. And that's Leader Business!


Lesley LEED AP said...

Hey there, I really enjoyed reading your blog post. It's always interesting to see why people have become LEED-certified and see what they feel they have gained. I especially liked your comparisons to the military. You're right; they can't take that LEED AP status from you!! Congratulations and good luck with all you do. Great post, great explanations.

Tom Magness said...

Thank you Lesley. I am glad I passed the exam. I'm even happier to be done studying! Hooah! TM

Suzanne said...

Congratulations indeed, I totally envy you! However, a famous saying comes to mind following the recent press release from GBCI - "it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings". This release, if you haven't seen it, announces what I feel was inevitable...the launch of GBCI's credentialing maintenance program for LEED professionals. LEED APs and Green Associates will now have to take continuing education classes and/or apply their knowledge on LEED projects and actively participate in the green building community. Here's a direct link to the press release:

The credentials will have to be maintained on a 2-year cycle. If the requirements are not met, the credential expires!!!

You are very fortunate to be leading the way with your LEED AP you just have to maintain it!!

Hopefully this will be a heads up to folks reading this blog that may not be aware of this "new rule"!!

Tom Magness said...

Thank you for your "LEED-ership" on this, Suzanne! You are right, it is important to stay on top of these new standards! TM