Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Warrior Ethos

The Warrior Ethos is a set of principles by which every soldier lives. It is a reference point for those who serve and who put themselves and their teammates in the line of fire. It has applications for our personal and professional lives and clearly has broad appeal beyond those who wear the soldier's uniform.

The Warrior Ethos

-- I will always place the mission first.
-- I will never accept defeat.
-- I will never quit.
-- I will never leave a fallen comrade.

I would think that this philosophy would apply to any successful team, not just for the Army. I believe that every leader should embrace this mindset and build a team of like-minded warriors. This is the Army's culture, its brand. This is what you should expect from any soldier -- each different yet joined in their belief in this creed and in their fellow warriors.

I hope you agree. And I hope you will join me over the next several posts as we look at what each tenet means to the warrior -- whether in or out of uniform. The Warrior Ethos is...Leader Business!

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