Friday, August 7, 2009

Leadership Carnival


Mary Jo Asmus, from Intentional Leadership, is hosting the August Leadership Development Carnival. She was gracious enough to include my series on the importance of cultivating synergy as we lead teams. Please check out the site and enjoy the "veritable potpourri" of leadership topics and ideas (wow...I have been waiting to use those two words on these pages!).

Can I use this slow Leader Business day to say thanks to those of you who follow this site? I do not take you for granted. I know that there are an amazing number of sources for leadership and inspiration competing for your time. I am honored that you have included me in them. Can I also ask you to share this site with your friends? Invite them to join in the dialogue about the "Business of Leaders." They are welcome here any time!

Have a great day. Make a difference -- today and always! That's Leader Business! Hooah!

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