Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Well...it happened. I could not stand on the sidelines any longer. When I learned that my West Point classmate and NASA Astronaut Tim Kopra (@Astro_Tim on Twitter) became the first to "Twitter" from the International Space Station, I knew I was missing out on something! Incredible! If we thought our world was getting smaller, what does this say about our universe?

So I have jumped in as well. For those who are interested, you can follow me (@LeaderBusiness on Twitter) or...let me know you are out there so I can follow you.

Twitter enables connections through little (140 character) updates that ask, "What are you doing?" By answering that question, I hope that I can provide input into the arena regarding my favorite topic -- leadership. And for those who are interested, I can provide some insight into what I do in leading my organization. I love my job and find it fascinating. I believe that the diversity of the work my organization does as well as the leadership challenges that come from an organization with the size (800+ employees) and scope ($1B+) of my team are worth telling people "what I am doing." If you are interested, come along and follow me.

Like you, I am doing my best to create and maintain connections in this increasingly interconnected world (universe!). Leadership is all about relationships, learning from others, communication, and providing inspiration to those who choose to follow you. I think that some of this is possible on Twitter. I was inspired to see my fellow West Pointer think that connecting with people from space was important. So...here I go...twittering away. Enjoy the "tweets." That's Leader Business.

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