Sunday, May 2, 2010

Attention on Deck!

If you are not one of the millions that have watched this YouTube clip of some "troopers" in Afghanistan with too much time on their hands, have a laugh and check it out.

Great article in this month's Fast Company on Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Admiral Mike Mullen. I can certainly appreciate the pace of his day, his passion for open and transparent communication, and his thoughts on economic security and the relation to national security. While he does not actually command US Forces, his role as "Chief Strategy Officer" and the fact that he has the President's ear, makes his role vitally important. I like his thoughts on information management and situational awareness, leading during a time of change (what he calls "operating at the speed of war"), and the use of new media (he's on Facebook and Twitter) to get his message out.

Vanity Fair has a very interesting story on General David Petraeus. You can learn more about the man who crafted the surge plan in Iraq and is currently leading the efforts in Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East as the Commander of US Central Command.

Interesting story on MSNBC about Army Captain Casey Thoreen, the "King of Maiwand" District. Very difficult decisions that this 30-year old, West Point graduate has to make in order to empower the local leadership in his area of Afghanistan. The term we often use is "Strategic Corporal." People with relatively low ranks making decisions with enormous impact, in this case with strategic implications.

Great stuff. Also, you may want to check out Dan McCarthy's latest collection of leadership stories in the May Leadership Development Carnival.

Four more chapters to go on the book. Thanks to those of you for your help and encouragement. Pushing hard to get this project finished.

Looking forward to the chance to speak to the Orange County Leadership Academy this week. This great group of professionals always inspires me to be a better leader. Hooah!

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