Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pre-Command Training

For the next two weeks, I will be getting a heavy dose of leader development. The Army calls it pre-command training for its incoming senior leaders - mandatory for all future commanders - CEOs for its largest organizations. The training consists of program and policy updates, tools that might help in various aspects of command, and speakers from among the Army's top leaders. We'll also get media training, tips from current commanders, and special considerations for taking care of those we lead. It is an intense two weeks that will provide tools that will last throughout my tenure in command.

So I guess that begs the question: If the Army does this for all of its senior leaders, how do we prepare our own subordinates for success? What kind of similar investments do we need to consider before we put our own leaders in positions for which they might not be fully prepared?

Two Leader Business take-aways. First, as you begin a new leadership endeavor, consider some of the training tasks that I mentioned above to help you prepare. We all need program updates, new tools, media training, etc. Secondly, consider how you equip your own team for success. Determine how and when you can carve out a similar level of investment in their development.

I have found that my pre-command training has served me well throughout my time as a leader. I'm guessing that was the intent. Now I need to turn a lense on my own organization and its leader development programs.

That's Leader Business.

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Steve Harper said...

Okay this is just plain awesome!

Way to go Tom!!!

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