Saturday, June 9, 2007

You're in Charge...Now What?

Hello friends -

This is my first post to this new blog, Leader Business. I hope to provide a forum to share new ideas about the business of leaders. Thanks for joining me.

On the topic of firsts, a colleague recently asked me what were the first things a new CEO should do once on the job. As I am preparing to take command (CEO) duties in a few weeks and have been thinking every day about this very topic, I definitely have an opinion. Here is how I answered:

The three most important "first things" a new CEO should do include the following: 1. Begin a listening tour of your organization. Meet your new teammates in their environment. Assess their strengths and weaknesses. Listen to their ideas. 2. Meet with key customers and constituencies. Understand their issues and concerns. Work from your top customer outward. 3. Know what to do in case of emergency. Crisis situations (bad media, angry customers, etc.) will not wait until you are ready.

When in charge, take charge. Don't pretend to know everything. Be humble, stay balanced.

There is a lot going on at the beginning of any new leadership position. And as things come up they may have to be worked in. But these are what I have found to be the most critical priority actions...and how I plan to start my new leadership position next month.

That's Leader Business.


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