Sunday, December 6, 2015

Embrace Your "Work Family"

In our work with thousands of public sector leaders across the U.S., I come across many who argue that work is for work, home is for home…and never the two shall mix.  And we wonder why we struggle with such a low rate of employee engagement?

I work with a number of County-level leaders in San Bernardino County and in fact, was just a few blocks away with another San Bernardino County client during the tragic shooting event last week.  You can bet that there is no line there between the two this week.  They are embracing what it means to be a family – to cry, embrace one another, and help make sense of the senseless – together.  Leaders there are truly being challenged as they start this week to determine their priorities and lead through what will undoubtedly be a challenging next few days.

And what they will no doubt find is that family is what matters – at home and at work. 

 To the San Bernardino County leaders, you are in our prayers this week.  Be strong and know that we have your back!  The next few weeks will be exhausting, no doubt.  Keep up your energy, look people in the eye, be strong, be real, and don’t hesitate to ask when you need help!

To all of you leading wherever you are, prepare your team for whatever storm lies ahead by creating strong bonds of teamwork, family, love, pride, and joy.  Seek out ways this week to knock down barriers and create an organization that cares about people, has leaders who walk the talk and is filled with employees who all find a true sense of belongingness at work.  Hug like it matters. 

It does.  That's Leader Business!

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